The Maemo Sardine

The Maemo Sardine is a fresh and tasty bleeding edge distribution of Maemo's Hildon Application Framework for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

The Sardine contains the latest versions of HAF components tagged in the subversion. It updates the Maemo 2.1 baseline with the very latest releases. It also contains recent versions of some other Maemo components, notably connectivity components but also the Python interpreter and bindings and the Gazpacho UI builder.

The Sardine is by nature unstable and will often be badly broken and smelly. It is meant for application developers, hackers and tinkerers, not for end-users. If you want a reliable and usable tablet stay clear from the Sardine.

The purpose of the Sardine is to:


Sardine will always contain the latest component versions. However, in order to make releases it is necessary to feature freeze the software and concentrate on polishing, bug-fixing and otherwise stabilizing the code. Doing this without stopping forward development requires branching off the code. This is done in the revision control system, component by component as it becomes necessary. When components start branching in the revision control system the Sardine distro branches as well: a separate stabilization distro is created.

The current stabilization HAF distro is Herring. Please note that the Herring is still under construction but should be available very soon.

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